Friday, July 21, 2017

5 Steps Guide to Advertising On Facebook For Small Businesses

Nowadays advertising has taken a dramatic twist.It is no longer the conventional mainstream media.

Businesses and companies are now going where the action is to advertise their products.

Gone are days when there is a huge demand on TV,Radio and Newspapers or Magazines as regards advertisement. But the wind had changed its course and people now spend more time on social media than on mainstream media like TV and Radio.

Many people eyeballs is more on their smartphones and guess what they do...

They are on social media sites. Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn and the likes had stolen the show from TV,Radio and the papers.

For every savvy businessman, you would want to sell you products where the people are.And where people spend most of their time is on Facebook.

Zuckerberg and his team being smart,has opened up a huge platform for marketers and businesses to come advertise their products.

The Facebook Advertising platform is where the action is now.In recent times,Facebook has changed and finetune their ads platform in order to accommodate different and varieties of advertising campaigns.

Since Facebook is the place to be,you then as a marketer or business must understand how to use their advertising platform to your own advantage.

So in detailed steps,this infographic shows you how to go about advertising on Facebook like an expert.

This are the steps you should take to do a cost saving and profitable ads on Facebook.

Let me know how much Facebook ads has benefited you and your business.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to Write Better and Faster In 5 Steps

 For every blogger, writing is one thing that you need to become better doing.

You cannot afford to write things that does not resonates well with your readers or visitors.If you do, you know what that means...

That affect the number of readers or visitors you will have come to your blog.Peoples' attention online is short lived and if you don't catch their attention in the first 2 to 3 minutes then you may lose them forever.

You need then to continually perfect your art of writing.

Even Google in one recent research shows us that,they consider how long your content is in ranking you in their SERPs.

In this research,it says that average word count that catches the eye of Google should be about 1890 words.With this long form and well explained content you will be on your way to the first page of Google.

What this is telling you is that, you need to write comprehensive and vital information for your visitors.You must also be fast about it as well.

Efficiency is the word when it comes to writing better and faster.

Alright.Let's get down to business.

I will show you how to write better and faster in the following steps.

Step # 1. Do Not Multitask

You cannot do two or three things at the same time. you know...

You should not be watching TV and then be writing at the same time.

It would not work if you write and you are on another project that make you lose concentration.

See guys. Writing quality content for your readers is no joke.

If you really mean writing for your blog,you should put all your mind to it.This would make room for better thought and analysis of your thoughts before writing.

This thinking through makes you realize your mistake quickly than when you are writing and doing something else at the same time.

Step # 2. Put Your Thoughts in Core Concepts

If you are writing, you need to write down your core concepts. By this I mean, you should think of what you want to write about.

Who is your audience?

What message do you intend to pass across?

Think these concepts through and then write them down.

This would serve as a guide to what you want to write about and how to put your writing across to your readers.

Step # 3. Brainstorm Your Ideas

In brainstorming your ideas, you start gathering information about what you want to write about.

Let us say you topic is about Social Media. You then have to look for other blog or sites that contain quality information about social media.

Thank God for Google. You can go online to Google and search for social media.You have tons of information you can choose from and put together for writing.

However, you have to be careful you do not pick any content you see online.Look for factual and quality content especially from Google first page results that they throws at you.

Read as much as you can and note down some vital points related to your article on social media you want to write about.

After gathering your points,then you are good to move on to the next step.

Step # 4. Create An Outline

By creating an outline, you begin to structure your article.

Your article headline is the first on the list. Write down as many titles you see relevant to your article.

Then,put down your introduction.These are lines that will warm your way into the hearts of your readers.

You then put together sub titles that would buttress your points for your write up.

See that you make use of bullet points and allow for more white spaces.

Step # 5. Edit Before You Publish 

After you have a proper outline, you need to take your time to carefully edit your draft.

This editing would enable you detect wrong spellings, grammatical errors or omissions in your draft.

You would not want to have a write up that irritates your readers.Any badly written articles makes you lose a large number of readers.

The editing part is the most important aspect of the work you have started and spend so much time doing.

There are sites online that can help with editing of your writing.A good one is Grammarly.

When your editing is done right then your article is good for publishing.


In the word of Neil Patel:

"Similarly, if you restrict the time that you have to write an article to three hours, it’s more likely that you’ll complete it within that time.

The trick is to block time out of your day to focus on writing.
There are even more techniques that you can use to maximize your productivity within that time allotted.
My favorite is the “Pomodoro Technique.”
The Pomodoro Technique is where you work in 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks in between. Every four 25-minute sprints, you take a longer break.
Here’s a breakdown

  • Select a task to focus on.
  • Set your timer to 25 minutes.
  • Begin writing until your timer rings.
  • Take a 5-minute break after every 25-minute sprint.
  • Take a longer break every time you complete four 25-minute sprints."
So you see writing is nothing you can trivialize at all.
It is serious work, real hard work and working smart as well.
If you would want to write better and faster take these steps and you would not fall on your path to writing success.
Tell me your experience as writer in the comment section.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

7 Richest Bloggers You Must Learn From to Become A Successful Blogger

Can any one make a million dollar blogging?

If that is the question that has kept ringing your mind,I would frankly tell you,"YES"

There are 1,2, 3... 7 even more bloggers that are making tons of cash online.

They are finding solutions to people problems and they do that with their blogs.From tech,business, SEO, social media,entertainment,lifestyle and many more issues,they are giving people what they want.

And in return,they are making cool cash right from adverts and sponsored posts right from their blog.

I sometimes feel bad. You want to know why?

The reason for my sadness is that why I didn't know and put more effort into blogging all these years. May be,I would have become a millionaire blogger too.

Anyways,better to be late than never just as the popular maxim goes. There is still chance to get close if not as rich as they are. Only if you can carve a niche for yourself.Stay focused and determined to succeed.

Alright. I will lift the curtains and unveil to you these 7 rich bloggers that are my inspiration.

1.Perez Hilton

Perez started out as gossip blogger. It was created by Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr. The site was formerly known as before it was changed to

His dream was to become an actor.And he sure went into acting while blogging as well.

But Mario did not make a name in acting.However,blogging brought him fame and fortune.

He makes his money through adverts from paid sponsors that appeared across his site.

He makes $ 575 000 monthly on perezhilton.

This is one guy to follow if your interest in entertainment gossip.

2.Copy blogger

Brian Clark is the brain behind Copyblogger. He has been into blogging in the days nobody cares about it.

He started as a content marketer even when it was not a widely known area of marketing.

In 2006 ,with just $1 000,Brian started his blog which provides useful information for online marketers all over the world.

What he started with just $ 1000 now earns him $ 1,000 000 per month.He now owns a company known as Rainmaker Digital with 200 000 customers.

If you are into content marketing,SEO,Social media, you should follow this guy.

3. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is owned by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. In 2005 these guys both started this blog.

It covers news in technology industry and this news are useful up to date information for techie in the industry.

In 2010,AOL acquired TechCrunch and this blog is now geared towards top players in startups and venture capitalists.

The blog makes $2 500 000 every month.

4. Mashable

Pete Cashmore started this blog right from his home Scotland in 2005.

Pete hardwork and dedication to proving valuable content on social media and blogging earned an award as  one of  best 25 bloggers in the world.

Now the blog focused mainly on Social media and its followers as grown rapidly over the years.

He makes his money through advertisement in various formats on his blog.

He earns $2 000 000 every month.

5. Moz

Moz is the brain child of Rand Fishkins. The blog started out as a design content blog but has since changed to one of the foremost blog in search engine optimization.

The site makes its money from a membership area that features professional tools and services for the avid search engine marketer looking to gain saturation, reach and visibility in the online space.

He earns $4,250 ,000 per month on Moz formerly known as SEOMoz.


The blog is all about gadgets.electronics.Especially consumers electronics.It gives informed reviews on new electronics and technology in the market.

In 2005,it was acquired by AOL and it makes its money from advertisement.

The blog earns $5,500,000 each month.

7. Huffington Post

A Greek by the name Arriana Huffington started Huffington Post in 2005. 

Arriana decided to sell her blog to AOL for $315 Million dollars but she remained as the editor-in-chief. This is in order to keep the relevance and growing popularity of her blog.

She had left that position now but Huffington post still makes whooping cash from advertisement and digital ads across its variety of channels.

This blog is the most successful blog so far.And it is valued at $1 billion.

The blog makes $ 14,000 000 every month.


Can you see how profitable blogging has become over the years?

You can have fun writing about your passions and interest and if you remain consistent and focused you could become another Copyblogger or Huffington Post.

If you are still thinking if you should venture into blogging,it's better you start today.

Let me know your thoughts about these successful bloggers and how their story inspire you.

How to Increase Your Facebook Followers for Free

It is not news that Facebook is pushing more for advertising than for organic reach.

Gone are the good old days of Facebook when with a handful of followers of fans, you can reach most of them organically.

That is, any post you make on your page reaches a large number of your fans.

But since the advertising platform started,Facebook has drastically reduced how much of your content would reach your followers.

For online marketers who has low budget,it is more difficult getting your post to a large number of followers or people unless you advertising or "Boost your Post"

According to a study by Social@Oglivy,it says that organic reach on Facebook has declined to just 6%.

What that means is that only 6 % of your followers will ever see your post.

You and I know,that this would not give you traffic that you need for your content at all.What marketing can you do with just a meager 6% reach to your followers?

Social@Oglivy did an analysis of how much you can reach with regards to your followers.

  • having 100 followers means six people would see your post
  • having 1,000 followers means 60 people would see your post
  • having 10,000 followers means 600 people would see your post
…and so on.
What this is telling you is that for a larger organic reach, you have to increase your numbers of followers.
Even though it has been discovered that as your followers number grows.the interaction rates reduces.The fact is that you must find ways of increasing your followers.
So, what are the things you should do to increase your followers on Facebook without paying for ads.

1.Be Real

How do I mean?
By being real,i mean you should be transparent.
People come to social media not just for business but to catch fun while doing business.
They would want to see the other REAL YOU.
Even though you brand is not about entertainment or celebrity stuff, you can more often than not,post content that shows who you are.
Tell them your fears
Your problems
Your successes
Your leisure places and how you unwind
Tell them about your family too.
That is how to be real on social media like Facebook.

2.Use Variety of Content

Using varieties of content would not make your post somewhat boring.
When your followers get to see different stuff on your page,they are excited and they tend to react to them quickly and share them too.
If you are used to posting images on your Facebook wall,while not use videos sometimes.
You can use memes too to trigger some amusement with your followers.
A recent study shows that video views is now rising on Facebook.In about a year, videos views has risen to about 10 billion.
That is amazing! Isn't it?
So, post more of video content as this would increase engagement and grow your followers.

3.Join Facebook Groups.

Facebook groups is another way to grow your followers.
There are about one billion people using FACEBOOK GROUP.
See the large number of people using groups on Facebook.The reason is because people like to engage people of like mind.
So,they search for groups where people who share their passion are and then join as a member.
You too should begin to use more of Facebook group in your marketing effort.
Even though,there is high number of spammy groups,that does not affect the effectiveness and engagement you can get on groups.
  • But when you join a Facebook groups consider the following:
  • The number of members in the group
  • Recent activities in the group.If the activities is not recent do not join such group.
  • Check if it not for spam contents.
  • See that you post regularly and engage with other members.

If you take this to heart,then you can tap into the riches in Facebook groups.


Okay guys. Facebook is still any marketer or brand choice when it comes to reaching a large audience.
Don't mind if the organic reach has drastically reduced.Go ahead and put all these tips I have given to use and you would see your followers increase over time.
Just think about this...
How about having just 0.005% of the 2 billions users on Facebook as your followers.
You know what that means...
Let me know what you are doing or had done to increase your Facebook followers in the comment section.
See you at the top!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How to Make Use of Social Media for Getting Targeted Traffic

Social media,I know you know what that means. Facebook,Twitter,Instagram...

Yes.If that is what you know as social media, you are right.

This has become the next big thing for all internet marketers who knows the massive benefits of these Super Five.

Better still,I will call them Online Fantastic Five.

If you are not including Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Pinterest and Linkedin in your marketing effort,then you are leaving a lot of traffic on the table.

Here the following statistics about these Big Five social networking sites will startle you:

In this data, you see clearly that Facebook ranked as first with the highest number of active users.

In terms of popularity,research from PEW shows us that Facebook ranked as the number 1 while others follow.

It is an indisputable fact that Facebook ranked above all other social media sites online.However, you must realize that these Super Five social media sites are where people go to everyday to socialize.

Any intelligent blogger or marketer should take his products where people converge and interact.The momentum is now changing as regards where to get traffic even targeted traffic online.

The usual traditional Google is no longer the only means of getting traffic anymore.This is not to say you would not do your proper SEO for your blog or websites, but you should not just focus on Google search engine ranking only.

In a recent chart by Pew research center,it is a fact that Facebook commands active daily users.

"76% of users log in daily, whilst 51% do for Instagram (owned by Facebook). Twitter manages just 42% of users login in daily, only just over half the Facebook figure."

So,Facebook dominates social networking and this points to one thing that you should learn how to maximize FACEBOOK for constant targeted traffic.

3 Strategies to Maximizing Facebook for Targeted Traffic

Strategy # 1 Be Active on Facebook

The first thing is that you join Facebook.That is, register and create your profile on Facebook.

I want to believe that you have already done that.If not do it after reading this post.

Strategy # 2.Update Your Profile on Facebook

You must provide honest information about who you are on your Facebook account.Use real name,address,website,job location and schools attended.

You should use a real photo.Don't use another person's photo.Be real

Strategy # 3.Create a Fan Page

Fan page is a way you build your business brand.You can make a unique page for Internet Marketing Club if you are in the internet marketing business.See that you give it a name related to your niche.

Use bold and clear images for your fan page cover and identity.

Regularly update your fan page with images that attract your fans.Post memes,infographics and videos that solve your fans problems.

Strategy # 4.Join Facebook Groups Related to Your Niche

Another way to grow your brand on your Facebook fan page is to join related groups to your niche.

If you are in Internet Marketing,then you must join Internet marketing Facebook groups,Online marketing groups,Home Based Business groups and the likes.

Be active on those Facebook groups regularly.Post,reacts to other people's post and comment.

Strategy # 5 Be Engaged on Facebook Owned Instagram

You must also use Instagram,one of Facebook acquisition for your online business.

Just as shown in the chart above,Instagram comes after Facebook in active daily users.So, do not leave off Instagram.

Instagram is about two media:Images and Videos.

So,post informative images and videos on your Instagram account regularly.

Use freebies or giveaways to draw targeted traffic to your page on Instagram.This would gradually increase your followers.


There is no gainsaying that social media has come to stay.Don't sit on the fence at all.You must start utilizing these social networking sites especially Facebook.

If you enjoy this post,do me a favor. You go ahead and share this post right now.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ways to Easily Double Your Site Traffic from Social Media

Many businesses happen to be publishing content as a way to build their audiences and enhance traffic to their websites. Yet , they may not be getting everything that they could from each piece of content they create.

If you are interested in your content, then you also need to end up being serious about driving as much traffic to it (over social media) as possible. One great way to do this is certainly to share your content on social networking more than once. Sounds pretty simple, best? Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example:

Immediately after publishing a fresh blog post, we promote that post on social media. Once we share it with your networks, we garner a specific number of clicks for each show. In the chart above, My spouse and i hypothesize about a post that may be sent to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ immediately after the post goes live. The go back on the effort looks superb.

What happens when we share a hyperlink to that post a second time the next day? Does the traffic increase? Based on the law of decreasing returns, no . That’s not nearly what happens during the second circle.

But , if we share this content again a third time, the traffic (for the second and third sets of stocks and shares combined) more than doubles. How will you argue with results that way?

Of course , this is a simple (and hypothetical) example, but the level is the more often you reveal, the more likely you are to acquire clicks. The big question most of us have is whether this type of thing is really ok?

Is It OK to Share Content More than Once?

Sharing your content multiple times on social media can easily trigger strong reactions. Some individuals don’t care for the practice of sharing the same content more than once on a social media account, but , as is often the case, it is hard to argue with results. A little bit back, I shared the strategy my own startup uses to promote blog content about social media. Guess how various complaints we’ve received through the practice?


The reality is that no one really cares, or maybe notices. And if they do, what is the worst thing that could happen? I mean, really? One aspect of marketing we often forget is that no one notices everything all of us do.

Your social media followers aren’t like RSS members who see and examine every post. In fact , writing more than once probably is a vital part of providing your market with the value you assured them. If you don’t share your links a few times, they may under no circumstances see any of your updates.

 How to Not Be a Spammer

I just once was a guest on a podcast where the host was possessing a heyday complaining about a few Twitting users who were sharing content material too much. His complaints were valid. The users had mounted a certain plugin that shared their old blog posts (randomly) once every single hour. It absolutely was too much, and it seemed like spam.

While that strategy might lead to additional clicks (in the short term, at least), it is not the type of practice I actually is suggesting in this post. In the event you talk about too much, people at some point will gain details about to ignore the twitter updates, and probably will unfollow you altogether. If you are going to commence showing your content more than once, you should adhere to a few ground rules, just like:

Have your followers into mind. Your social feed is made for these people, not for you.
Rarely turn into a spammer. Create an intelligent schedule rather than a crowded one particular (more on this later).

Consider your unique habits. How do you employ social websites? Where is the “spam line” for you? Don’t get across this.

Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t like. How will you behave if you saw one more customer with your identical technique? This can be a great gauge, since it is likely you wouldn’t be the only one would you feel that way.

Constantly give value. Like I explained, promoting content more than once happens to be a good thing, as long as you are doing that to provide value for your visitors.

Once you accept stick to these simple ground rules, you ought to be able to develop a superb interpersonal promotion schedule to your articles that literally doubles your traffic.

How to Reveal Your Content More than Once

Step 1 - Produce a Sharing Schedule

To start with sharing your content over social media more often than once, you need to develop a straightforward routine that will provide some guidelines to get how often you want to promote your articles on each network. With this schedule, you will be taking on concerns like:

  • How often am i able to share this on each network? What is acceptable?
  • Is there a desired period that I want to remember?
  • The length of time will my content end up being fresh, or shareable?
  • Simply how much time should I set between each new sociable concept?
  • What are some techniques I will create variety inside my cultural sharing schedule?

Be aware inside your planning. You don’t really want to send your information a person right after another, or in big clumps, mainly because honestly, that is where the spam thing will come in to play.

Now, shall we go over your message plan, which in turn simply is the group of messages that will be sent once your website post goes in real time. The purpose of the schedule is usually to make a “peppered” social media tackle that will help get more clicks. A well-executed schedule may seem something like this:

  • On publish -- Sociable message sent when ever post goes live
  • Same time - Initial public mail messages trickle out to the medical data over the next two to three hours
  • Next day - Text messages are distributed again within the appropriate social channels
  •  A few weeks - One more series of text messages are pre-scheduled and directed the following week
  • Next month - Even more social messages happen to be pre-scheduled for the subsequent month
  • Next _____ -- Optionally, additional messages may be slated for the three-month draw or beyond
  • Once you’ve defined a good timetable for every single network, you can map it out in a simple schedule that may give you a bird’s attention watch of your content promotion. That is an important step in the process.

 In this example, you can see that we possess made a decision to share our content material very frequently on Twitter, and a bit less frequently on Online social networks and Google+. For Tumblr, were sharing our articles only once. These decisions were made depending on the individual intricacies of every network. You may feel in different ways information, so you may develop a distinct schedule.

Step 2 - Under No Circumstances Should You Share the Same Communication Two Times

This is a very important step up the procedure that truly can distinguish you from the disobedient junk emails. For most of us, when we discuss a blog post on social networking, we all include the title in the content, a link, and a few hashtags. This is fine. Once! But , it could get pretty tedious for your followers if you aren’t mindful.

The better strategy is usually to add some simple variety by simply asking questions or perhaps which include pull-quotes from the post alone. Here is an example based upon a newly released post about getting started with social websites lead conversion:

With this example, you can see every tweet was unique in its own way and alternated among asking questions and posting the headline of the content itself. This simple strategy takes time to execute nonetheless adds a lot of range to the final stream. It is a great way to engage your audience with your content without looking like someone who just wants to encourage their own stuff. There are a number of message types you can use since needed. Here are a few of our offerings:

  • Straight and Easy: Post Subject + Link
  • The Question: Request an engaging question to blend conversation
  • Cite a Fact: Show a fact or figure that is certainly included in your post
  • Share a Quote: Grab a pull-quote from your article and turn it into a social message
  • Add Intrigue: Write a teaser communication that grabs the attention of your readers.

This tactic provides an exceptional way to try out new concepts on your followers. For example , does indeed asking questions increase visitor engagement?

Also, it is worth noting that this process offers you a great opportunity to test different headlines.

Step 3 - Improve Your Content for Each Network

You know that each social network handles photos and text differently, but how much do you take that into account when you are creating sociable messages? One way to add some selection and value to your content is to take advantage of the strengths of each and every network.

 A good example of this is the way Google+ permits longer copy and simple markdown text in every single post. As you can see from the case in point above, we regularly add bulleted lists and daring text to our posts to ensure items stand out and provide added value to our readers.

Good example is how Twitter displays images, as proven below. Posts that include photos are much more noticeable than discussions that do not. This really is a smart way to get noticed considerably more, and squeeze out some extra clicks.

Step 4 - Screen The Results

As always, it is crucial to monitor your results to make sure the changes you make to your cultural publishing schedule truly job. Here are a few of the things you want to watch out for:

A cut down or an increase in post activity. Because you adjust your program, detect if there is an increase or perhaps decline in post activity? More clicks? More retweets? Even more stocks and shares? Sometimes, this is a gut-level check, and other instances you may want to dip into your Little. ially stats or make use of custom made Google Analytics tags to be sure you are most suitable.

Bad feedback from your target audience. Though it is rare, several users may notice your elevated activity and touch upon this. Take this to cardiovascular, but don’t let one issue mess up a good thing. Use metrics to verify whether the plan is too aggressive or misguided.

A slowly diminishing involvement in your content. I think the greatest risk to a social supply that has been “too busy” is a normal tendency of fans to simply ignore the content. Watch your just click throughs to make sure this kind of does not necessarily happen to you.

I am aware this seems like an infomercial to get a new prescription medicine that has to disclose all likely unwanted side effects, even though very few people at any time experience any of them. You can create this system too far, and I do not desire to accidentally switch you into a spammer. Should you this kind of right, it will be well worth your time and effort. If you do it wrong, you might suffer some of the negative outcomes listed above.

Content Shared Over and Over Again Might Go Viral

A few weeks ago, one of our own freelance writers had a post go viral an entire month after it was originally posted, thanks to her setup with this exact social advertising approach. Julie’s message plan was pretty simple. She tweeted once when the post gone live, and after that repeated that once 30 days later. The first tweet went comparatively unnoticed, nevertheless the second one (a total month later) took off.

Regarding the message, Julie says: “The original building of the post didn’t reason much fascination, beyond frequent readers, or did some of my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or LinkedIn. It was slightly tweet We sent out, just one single tweet, monthly later. I used to be very happy I had put into place a structured system that didn’t just shot out 1 social meaning at the moment of publishing and call it sufficient. ”

In Julie’s case, that second tweet brought her some pretty big traffic, and made the extra hard work totally worth it. By writing your content on social media over and over again, you not only stand the opportunity of doubling your targeted traffic, you also may double your chances of striking a chord and going viral. Of course , you must not become a spammer. Always remember we have a right way and a wrong way to share your content. Choose wisely.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Secrets of Successful SEO And Copywriting

Can there be anything like a successful SEO and Copywriting?

SEO is a process of many parts and even the expert at it, sometimes can not lay claims to getting it completely right easily.

They do subject all their search engine optimization to different tweaks and tests before they see what works.

Do we call that successful?

Copywriting is concerned about structures and forms of writing is not a mince meat at all.

Knowing the right structure for your content and how to make it conform to search engine optimization rules according to the Gospel of Google,poses a  big challenge.

But surmountable though;

In the midst of these probing and puzzling questions,can there be any success in SEO and writing well for your readers?

Another question right:

What if I tell you that you can get success only if you know the secret codes.

In this post, I will be showing you three of the secrets that you may know but have not put to use.

It could also be that you will reading about it for the first time.

Whatever sides you find yourself,hold your breathe as I reveal the secret codes to you.

Secret #1

Don't Write your Content for Search Engines.

There is so much of attention on search engine optimization.This undue attention had made many bloggers forget that the primary reason for any content you put online is for your prospective readers.

Human beings should be your basis for blogging.

If you keep all your eggs in the basket of search engines,you would miss it entirely.

You end up with post that barely captivate and interest your audience.

The grave error of writing to rank in  Google search engines,gave rise to the issue of keyword stuffing and irregular backlinks.

Secret # 2.Do Away with Keyword Stuffing In Your Post

If you are to do good copywriting that works for SEO,you should stop keyword stuffing.

Unnecessary use of target keywords in your articles or posts makes it unreasonable.

You should aim for using your target keyword for:

Title:Use your target keyword or key phrase in here.It is not really important how close it is to the beginning of your title.

Paragraphs:Use your keywords 2-3 times in the first 100 words of your post in each paragraphs.

So if it takes 8 paragraphs to complete your blog post, then you would have used 16-24 keywords in your articles of about 700-1000 words.

LSI: This means latent semantic indexing. It is employing synonyms for your targeted keywords.

If you are looking for where to get the right LSI for your target key phrase,Google will help you in that area when your do a search query for your target keyword.

At the bottom of the search page result,you will see a list of suggested or related keywords you can use in your post.

Better still, when you do a search in Google,as you type in your search word or phrase, you will see some other words comes up in a list form even before you hit the search button.

Take note of these words and use them as your LSI for your articles or blog post.

Secret # 3.Use Cross Link,Outbound Links and External Links 

Cross linking is when you link to your other older posts that is relevant to your recent post.

If you have written about Backlink before,and you have recent post on Copywriting, you should link the backlink as a anchor text where you use it in your recent copywriting post.

For Outbound linking,what you do is to link to authority sites or blog from your blog post.

That is, if you write about Pinterest, you can anchor text as link a quality high ranking blog that has content about Pinterest.

Doing external linking is like the icing on the cake in your linking structure.

In this case, you create and build link for your blog post from other related authority sites or blogs.

Google loves all of these linking structures and they passes link juice to allow for good ranking for your blog.

Okay guys.There is more to these:

I know this may not be an exhaustive post on successful SEO and Writing quality content,but this would set you off on a good start in your effort in writing both for Search Engines and for your readers as well.

Catch You later!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

3 Unusual But Achievable Backlink Strategy

Backlink is one thing that most blogger find it hard to really get a full grasp on.

It like getting the camel to go through the eye of a needle for most blogger.

For me,I wished there was nothing called BACKLINK when it comes to writing to get a reasonable online presence.

It seems almost impossible to get both the quantity and quality of backlinks that Google loves.

Knowing that for one to get the love of Google Search engine ranking,one must link to other quality sites or blog in one's niche.What else can you do?

I then resolve to search and learn all that I could about getting the right amount and good quality of backlinks to my blog.

When I just got started in blogging,the backlinking method I knew was getting my blog link on other authority sites or blogs in order to get what is called external backlink.

That is,I would have to add my blog post link to other blogs or websites that are in the same niche I am.

Oh my world! This was pretty hard.

The challenge was that,how many high ranking blog or sites would want to have my blog link on their bogs or websites?

Imagine a rookie blogger wanting to have his blog link placed on CopybloggerSearchengineland, Problogger and other big ranking blogs.

You and I know that would not be a easy pie at all.

Then came the days of GUEST BLOGGING.

You write content for these authority blogs and if they vet it and find it worthy to be on their blog,then you are on your way to a big break in blogging.

But,there were many competition from some other big guys,that know more than you know in blogging.They are considerably established in blogging and you as a rookie might not be able to outwit them when it comes to their Guest blog being approved by the big guns.

So, I got fed up,lose interest and leave blogging.

It was just not too long ago,that I was inspired by Neil Patel of and the author of,Brian Dean.I then get back to blogging.

These two guys were my guide to having a fresh bird's eye view into SEO,blogging and all that goes with Internet marketing.

Now,Let me show you the unusual but achievable strategy to getting backlink in 2017.

Internal Linking

You may come across this phrase before or you are just hearing about it for the first time,not to worry,because if you are able to master the art of linking your post within your other similar posts on your blog,then you are half way there to getting Backlinks that will make you rank well for your targeted keywords.

Internal linking is a strategy by which you place blog post links on topics you have written before and then adding this link in your fresh articles in your blog.

This is one thing that Wikipedia has mastered well and makes them rank in the first page for almost any keyword in Google SERP.

If you can get to do this regularly for your blog post, you blog will get noticed by Google and there is great chance of getting you to rank high.

Outbound Linking

For outbound linking,this is when you add authority blog or websites links to your blog post.

You look out for authority sites in your niche and in every content you post to your blog, you would add their blog or website URL to related or actual keywords you use in your post.

There are two ways to go about this.

1.You can add them as anchor text for your targeted or related keywords
2.You can place them as normal Url in your post.But make them clickable.

The last but not the least is Guestographics.

I recently learned this from Brian Dean..

According to Brian,he says:

"It’s a link building technique that uses infographics in a new way.

Instead of publishing an infographic and begging other people to share it, you’re enticing them publish it on their site…"
He goes further to explain the 5 simple steps to getting backlinks using Guestographics.
Here are the five steps:
Step 1: Post an infographic on your site
Step 2: Find sites that write about your infographic’s topic
Step 3: Show them your infographic
Step 4: Offer them unique content (“the bribe”)
Step 5: Get your contextual backlinks
For more click Guestographics backlinks 
And High quality backlink with Infographics
Alright guys,I hope you now know that getting or building backlinks is not as hard as you think.
Only if you know the right strategy and then apply them. You are your way to getting good quality backlinks to your blog or websites.
Catch You soon!

14 On Page SEO Facts You Need To Know

When it comes to ranking your blog for targeted keywords and other related keywords,you need to know the basics about On page optimization.

Even though, you need Off Page Search Engine Optimization to give juicy links to your blog post,but you can still rank well on SERP just by doing On Page Search engine optimization.

While Off page SEO deals with building backlinks that points to your blog or websites from other authority blog or sites,On page SEO involves what you do with structures and internal links on your post.

So,here are the 12 facts that you must know and put to use for all your blog contents.

Fact No 1. Make SEO Friendly Url

Your website or blog URL goes a long way in making Google algorithms go after your blog and do it well in its ranking.

Ugly or bad url blog patterns is a not right for Google. You need to make it short and catchy.

You should add your target keyword to your URL.

For examples, is not good at all.OR

This is a SEO friendly

Fact No 2.Begin Your Title with Keyword

You must ensure that your post title starts with your target keyword.

Make the keyword closer to the beginning of the title of your blog post,as this would help in search engine ranking.

Fact No 3. Add Modifiers to Your Blog Title

If you use modifiers like numbers-6,best,top,reviews,this could help for ranking well for long tail targeted keywords.

Fact No 4.Make Sure Your Blog Title Is In H1 Tag

Do not overlook the use of H1 tag for your post title.

If you use blogger,you will have to wrap your title by highlighting and the clicking the Heading Tag.This will change it from normal to H1 tag title.

If you use Wordpress,you have no problem because it is coded to make your blog title comes as H1 tag title.

Fact No 5.Use Multimedia to Engage Users and Make It SEO Friendly.

Multimedia such as videos,images and infographics makes your post more engaging and reduce bounce rate on your blog.

It boosts you user interaction,a factor Google considers for ranking your blog.

Fact No 6.Use H2 Tag for Your Subheadings

Another thing you must not brush aside is that every of your  post subheadings,must be in H2 tag.

Highlight your subheading and click options for subheading in your tools tabs if you use blogger.

For Wordpress,you can use the heading 2 in your editor tool tab to wrap your sub heading in H2 tag.

You as well use can use the code <H2> <H2/> to wrap your subheading in H2 tag.

It is right to use one of your target keyword in your post sub heading.

Fact No 7. Add Your Keywords in the First 100 Words of Your Post

In the first 100 words of your post or let say,150 words,you should use your keyword at least once.

Do not make the mistake of writing long intros and not adding your keyword.

But be cautious you did not stuff the first 100-150 words with keywords.

Fact No 8.Mind Your Blog Design

What I mean by this is that,your blog theme must be able to make your blog mobile friendly.

Google since 2015 had be clamping down on unfriendly sites or blog that is not compatible on mobile.

This is also good for search engine ranking in Google.

Fact No 9.Use External Links

I said this earlier on,that it would be a huge mistake on your part if you ignore using external link from other sites or blog in related niche.

In at least 1000 words of your post, you should link out to other 2-4 authority sites or blogs.

The quality and authority of the sites you link out to, do go a long way in shooting your blog high in the Google SERP.

Fact No 10.Use Internal Linking

By this,I mean you should link to other post within your blog.

If you have already written a post on "How to Lose Weight Doing Exercise" and you write a similar post on "How to burn belly fat",you can make link to How to Lose weight doing exercise by using the post link for How to Burn Belly Fat post.

Take a look at Wikipedia and learn from their style of internal linking.

You should ensure you link to 2-5 older post when you write new ones.

Fact No 11.Your Blog Speed Should Be Fast

The speed of the blog has a lot to do with how Google rank your blog or websites.

Compressing your post images and using faster hosting would accelerate the speed of your site.

CDN can help you on ways to do this.

An appropriate speed for blog or sites is that,it should not take 4 seconds for your blog to load.

You can use this website to check the speed of your blog to see how fast it is.

Fact No 12.Use LSI For Your Keywords

 LSI means latent semantic indexing.This will make Google become attracted to your blog as you use similar keyword scattered through your post.

To use LSI for your keywords,you should search for your target keyword in Google,scroll down to the bottom and you would see some list of similar or related keywords.

These are your LSI keywords you can use for your blog post.

Fact No 13.Optimize your Post Images

See that you use oneof your target keyword for your image file name.

When you download images you need to use,name them after your targeted keyword before saving them.At least 2 of the images should contain your target keywords.

For Wordpress blog, you have the opportunity to rename your images in the image panel and even use alternate text for your images.

Fact No 14.Use Social Sharing Buttons

Add social sharing buttons like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,and the likes to your blog post.

For Wordpress, you would have to install social sharing buttons plugin to your blog.

In Blogger,you have the luxury of social sharing buttons already added to every of your blog post.

Do use these buttons to share your blog post.

It helps to drive traffic to your content.It also allow our readers to share it to their friends or fans as well.

So guys,here are the 14 Facts that would help your On Page SEO.

Do not just read and forget.Put them to use and you will begin to considerable traffic and ranking come to your blog.

See you soon!

N.B:Use the Social Sharing buttons to share this to your friends and fans.

Thank you!