Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Increase Your Facebook Followers for Free

It is not news that Facebook is pushing more for advertising than for organic reach.

Gone are the good old days of Facebook when with a handful of followers of fans, you can reach most of them organically.

That is, any post you make on your page reaches a large number of your fans.

But since the advertising platform started,Facebook has drastically reduced how much of your content would reach your followers.

For online marketers who has low budget,it is more difficult getting your post to a large number of followers or people unless you advertising or "Boost your Post"

According to a study by Social@Oglivy,it says that organic reach on Facebook has declined to just 6%.

What that means is that only 6 % of your followers will ever see your post.

You and I know,that this would not give you traffic that you need for your content at all.What marketing can you do with just a meager 6% reach to your followers?

Social@Oglivy did an analysis of how much you can reach with regards to your followers.

  • having 100 followers means six people would see your post
  • having 1,000 followers means 60 people would see your post
  • having 10,000 followers means 600 people would see your post
…and so on.
What this is telling you is that for a larger organic reach, you have to increase your numbers of followers.
Even though it has been discovered that as your followers number grows.the interaction rates reduces.The fact is that you must find ways of increasing your followers.
So, what are the things you should do to increase your followers on Facebook without paying for ads.

1.Be Real

How do I mean?
By being real,i mean you should be transparent.
People come to social media not just for business but to catch fun while doing business.
They would want to see the other REAL YOU.
Even though you brand is not about entertainment or celebrity stuff, you can more often than not,post content that shows who you are.
Tell them your fears
Your problems
Your successes
Your leisure places and how you unwind
Tell them about your family too.
That is how to be real on social media like Facebook.

2.Use Variety of Content

Using varieties of content would not make your post somewhat boring.
When your followers get to see different stuff on your page,they are excited and they tend to react to them quickly and share them too.
If you are used to posting images on your Facebook wall,while not use videos sometimes.
You can use memes too to trigger some amusement with your followers.
A recent study shows that video views is now rising on Facebook.In about a year, videos views has risen to about 10 billion.
That is amazing! Isn't it?
So, post more of video content as this would increase engagement and grow your followers.

3.Join Facebook Groups.

Facebook groups is another way to grow your followers.
There are about one billion people using FACEBOOK GROUP.
See the large number of people using groups on Facebook.The reason is because people like to engage people of like mind.
So,they search for groups where people who share their passion are and then join as a member.
You too should begin to use more of Facebook group in your marketing effort.
Even though,there is high number of spammy groups,that does not affect the effectiveness and engagement you can get on groups.
  • But when you join a Facebook groups consider the following:
  • The number of members in the group
  • Recent activities in the group.If the activities is not recent do not join such group.
  • Check if it not for spam contents.
  • See that you post regularly and engage with other members.

If you take this to heart,then you can tap into the riches in Facebook groups.


Okay guys. Facebook is still any marketer or brand choice when it comes to reaching a large audience.
Don't mind if the organic reach has drastically reduced.Go ahead and put all these tips I have given to use and you would see your followers increase over time.
Just think about this...
How about having just 0.005% of the 2 billions users on Facebook as your followers.
You know what that means...
Let me know what you are doing or had done to increase your Facebook followers in the comment section.
See you at the top!

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