Tuesday, July 4, 2017

3 Unusual But Achievable Backlink Strategy

Backlink is one thing that most blogger find it hard to really get a full grasp on.

It like getting the camel to go through the eye of a needle for most blogger.

For me,I wished there was nothing called BACKLINK when it comes to writing to get a reasonable online presence.

It seems almost impossible to get both the quantity and quality of backlinks that Google loves.

Knowing that for one to get the love of Google Search engine ranking,one must link to other quality sites or blog in one's niche.What else can you do?

I then resolve to search and learn all that I could about getting the right amount and good quality of backlinks to my blog.

When I just got started in blogging,the backlinking method I knew was getting my blog link on other authority sites or blogs in order to get what is called external backlink.

That is,I would have to add my blog post link to other blogs or websites that are in the same niche I am.

Oh my world! This was pretty hard.

The challenge was that,how many high ranking blog or sites would want to have my blog link on their bogs or websites?

Imagine a rookie blogger wanting to have his blog link placed on CopybloggerSearchengineland, Problogger and other big ranking blogs.

You and I know that would not be a easy pie at all.

Then came the days of GUEST BLOGGING.

You write content for these authority blogs and if they vet it and find it worthy to be on their blog,then you are on your way to a big break in blogging.

But,there were many competition from some other big guys,that know more than you know in blogging.They are considerably established in blogging and you as a rookie might not be able to outwit them when it comes to their Guest blog being approved by the big guns.

So, I got fed up,lose interest and leave blogging.

It was just not too long ago,that I was inspired by Neil Patel of quicksprout.com and the author of Backlinko.com,Brian Dean.I then get back to blogging.

These two guys were my guide to having a fresh bird's eye view into SEO,blogging and all that goes with Internet marketing.

Now,Let me show you the unusual but achievable strategy to getting backlink in 2017.

Internal Linking

You may come across this phrase before or you are just hearing about it for the first time,not to worry,because if you are able to master the art of linking your post within your other similar posts on your blog,then you are half way there to getting Backlinks that will make you rank well for your targeted keywords.

Internal linking is a strategy by which you place blog post links on topics you have written before and then adding this link in your fresh articles in your blog.

This is one thing that Wikipedia has mastered well and makes them rank in the first page for almost any keyword in Google SERP.

If you can get to do this regularly for your blog post, you blog will get noticed by Google and there is great chance of getting you to rank high.

Outbound Linking

For outbound linking,this is when you add authority blog or websites links to your blog post.

You look out for authority sites in your niche and in every content you post to your blog, you would add their blog or website URL to related or actual keywords you use in your post.

There are two ways to go about this.

1.You can add them as anchor text for your targeted or related keywords
2.You can place them as normal Url in your post.But make them clickable.

The last but not the least is Guestographics.

I recently learned this from Brian Dean..

According to Brian,he says:

"It’s a link building technique that uses infographics in a new way.

Instead of publishing an infographic and begging other people to share it, you’re enticing them publish it on their site…"
He goes further to explain the 5 simple steps to getting backlinks using Guestographics.
Here are the five steps:
Step 1: Post an infographic on your site
Step 2: Find sites that write about your infographic’s topic
Step 3: Show them your infographic
Step 4: Offer them unique content (“the bribe”)
Step 5: Get your contextual backlinks
For more click Guestographics backlinks 
And High quality backlink with Infographics
Alright guys,I hope you now know that getting or building backlinks is not as hard as you think.
Only if you know the right strategy and then apply them. You are your way to getting good quality backlinks to your blog or websites.
Catch You soon!

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