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5 Deadly SEO And Content Sins

5 Deadly SEO And Content Sins

When I first started out in blogging,I was so conscious of the SEO,that is how well and quick my blog will rank in Google first page rather than writing for people that would read my blog.

Why is this so?

It was because many of the things I knew then about SEO was that If I wanted to rank well and fast in Google first page, I have to stuff my post with keywords in order to trick Google algorithms to see my blog post as relevant for my target keyword.

I could remember that my first blog was on losing weight.

So, the tricks then was that my first three sentences must have the target keyword.Then in the next 3 to 4 sentences I must add the keyword there.Then for each of my post paragraphs,I do have about 3 keywords.

Guys,in about 4 to 5 paragraphs,I have close to 15 keywords.Know what? I keep repeating the same keyword in all of these paragraphs.Not minding whether it did make sense to my post or not.

Then was the days of I use ezinearticles a lot.Most times, my articles get rejected by their moderators,because of one particular sin,Keyword stuffing.

But as I get to learn more about SEO and writing blog post for my audience rather than just for search engine,I discover these deadly SEO and content Sins that I had committed.

The No 1 Deadly SEO and Content Sin is Writing for Search Engine Alone.

That was my first sin in content writing for my blog.I was concerned about how to beat Google to their game by wanting to trick by using as many keywords as I can.

I was really wrong.I discovered I never get the ranking I was looking for and I could not have as many blog followers as I wanted.

This is because my blog was damn boring and it didn't really make sense to my few readers that my blog reached.

No 2. Repeated Use of the Same Keywords.

The second deadly sins was that I kept using the same keywords.For instance just as I said earlier,my first blog was about Losing weight.I kept using "lose weight" as my target keyword.

My post was constantly sounding like a broken record that did not pass any meaning message to my audience.

I did not use keywords variations most times.Even If I used similar keywords,they just happened by chance.

Even though Google search engine works like a robot,it sure do has some level of intelligence to discover stuffing of keywords in your blog post.

No 3.No Eye Catching and Attention Grabbing Title.

The title for my blog post was usually not catchy. I did not understand the power of attention grabbing title for my post.

I use title that just come to me without minding to look at it from my readers point of view.

In these days of constant barrage of articles,blog post and different kinds of content on the internet,you can not afford to create a post and expect people would read it because it is online.

Catchy blog post titles are like sugar to your tea.They are like the spice to your soup.It makes you want to have some more.

Consider these two titles and see the difference:

"SEO and Ranking in Google Search Engine"
"7 Ways to First Page Ranking In Google"

If you are to choose which title captivates your mind.I bet you would go for the second title. Right?

Yes. You would.This is because it pointedly describe how to rank in Google first page.

No 4. Copious Content Errors

This is one area most budding blogger do not focus on.

How would your readers see your post interesting and worth their time, when it is mostly filled with grammatical mistakes?

I know mistakes is something that is not beyond anyone.But many of it do spoil all that you got in your article.

If one paragraph has as much as five or more mistakes,then you have already murdered all your good intent in your post.

People would not go as half of your content before they leave your blog and move to something more interesting.

No 5.Little or No Backlinks

You content can never go past your blog if you do not make effort at creating backlinks for your post.

No matter how well you write or how near perfect your blog post looks like,if you fail to make internal links and external links for your post,it would remain in the Google algorithms shelf.

Linking to other post in your blog gives you internal linking juice that Google loves.

Making links to refer to other related website or blog in your niche,makes your blog a friend of Google.

Most importantly,creating links to your blog post on other related or similar authority blogs or websites,drives your blog to rank well in the SERP.(Search Engine Results Pages)

To wrap this up,one of my mentor blog,,taught me that:

"Good content is good SEO. When users are engaged, they consume more content, interact with it and share it. From the overarching structure to the details of the layout, make sure you are designing good content."

High-quality content:

  •  is written to its audience, not your peers. Make sure the language is neither too simple nor full of industry jargon.
  •  is shareable. Take a step back and ask yourself if you would share it — and, if so, could you? (i.e., are social sharing buttons readily available?)
  •  can be scanned quickly. Use short paragraphs, callouts, bold text, bullet points, numbered lists, quotes and so on to make the text easy on the eyes and easy to digest quickly.
  •  uses strong titles and H1s. Create enticing, actionable titles that use keywords strategically and naturally. Co-schedule has a nice headliner analyzer tool if you need help here.
  •  features ideal results, common objections and/or time frames in subheaders. Anticipate the audience’s hopes, fears and concerns.
  •  is better than current SERP winners. Spy out the competition. Review the pages that are currently ranking well for target keywords and ask yourself if your content is better. Make sure it’s better.
So, to atone for these deadly SEO AND content sins,avoid them and write for people'e engagement as well as for search engine.

Catch you soon guys!

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