Tuesday, July 4, 2017

14 On Page SEO Facts You Need To Know

When it comes to ranking your blog for targeted keywords and other related keywords,you need to know the basics about On page optimization.

Even though, you need Off Page Search Engine Optimization to give juicy links to your blog post,but you can still rank well on SERP just by doing On Page Search engine optimization.

While Off page SEO deals with building backlinks that points to your blog or websites from other authority blog or sites,On page SEO involves what you do with structures and internal links on your post.

So,here are the 12 facts that you must know and put to use for all your blog contents.

Fact No 1. Make SEO Friendly Url

Your website or blog URL goes a long way in making Google algorithms go after your blog and do it well in its ranking.

Ugly or bad url blog patterns is a not right for Google. You need to make it short and catchy.

You should add your target keyword to your URL.

For examples,

Weightlossforbeginners.com/123-This is not good at all.OR weightlossforbeginners.com/what-you-should-eat-to-lose-weight

This is a SEO friendly URL-weightlossforbeginners.com/7-Shocking-Foods-That-Burn-Fat-Fast

Fact No 2.Begin Your Title with Keyword

You must ensure that your post title starts with your target keyword.

Make the keyword closer to the beginning of the title of your blog post,as this would help in search engine ranking.

Fact No 3. Add Modifiers to Your Blog Title

If you use modifiers like numbers-6,best,top,reviews,this could help for ranking well for long tail targeted keywords.

Fact No 4.Make Sure Your Blog Title Is In H1 Tag

Do not overlook the use of H1 tag for your post title.

If you use blogger,you will have to wrap your title by highlighting and the clicking the Heading Tag.This will change it from normal to H1 tag title.

If you use Wordpress,you have no problem because it is coded to make your blog title comes as H1 tag title.

Fact No 5.Use Multimedia to Engage Users and Make It SEO Friendly.

Multimedia such as videos,images and infographics makes your post more engaging and reduce bounce rate on your blog.

It boosts you user interaction,a factor Google considers for ranking your blog.

Fact No 6.Use H2 Tag for Your Subheadings

Another thing you must not brush aside is that every of your  post subheadings,must be in H2 tag.

Highlight your subheading and click options for subheading in your tools tabs if you use blogger.

For Wordpress,you can use the heading 2 in your editor tool tab to wrap your sub heading in H2 tag.

You as well use can use the code <H2> <H2/> to wrap your subheading in H2 tag.

It is right to use one of your target keyword in your post sub heading.

Fact No 7. Add Your Keywords in the First 100 Words of Your Post

In the first 100 words of your post or let say,150 words,you should use your keyword at least once.

Do not make the mistake of writing long intros and not adding your keyword.

But be cautious you did not stuff the first 100-150 words with keywords.

Fact No 8.Mind Your Blog Design

What I mean by this is that,your blog theme must be able to make your blog mobile friendly.

Google since 2015 had be clamping down on unfriendly sites or blog that is not compatible on mobile.

This is also good for search engine ranking in Google.

Fact No 9.Use External Links

I said this earlier on,that it would be a huge mistake on your part if you ignore using external link from other sites or blog in related niche.

In at least 1000 words of your post, you should link out to other 2-4 authority sites or blogs.

The quality and authority of the sites you link out to, do go a long way in shooting your blog high in the Google SERP.

Fact No 10.Use Internal Linking

By this,I mean you should link to other post within your blog.

If you have already written a post on "How to Lose Weight Doing Exercise" and you write a similar post on "How to burn belly fat",you can make link to How to Lose weight doing exercise by using the post link for How to Burn Belly Fat post.

Take a look at Wikipedia and learn from their style of internal linking.

You should ensure you link to 2-5 older post when you write new ones.

Fact No 11.Your Blog Speed Should Be Fast

The speed of the blog has a lot to do with how Google rank your blog or websites.

Compressing your post images and using faster hosting would accelerate the speed of your site.

CDN can help you on ways to do this.

An appropriate speed for blog or sites is that,it should not take 4 seconds for your blog to load.

You can use this website to check the speed of your blog to see how fast it is.

Fact No 12.Use LSI For Your Keywords

 LSI means latent semantic indexing.This will make Google become attracted to your blog as you use similar keyword scattered through your post.

To use LSI for your keywords,you should search for your target keyword in Google,scroll down to the bottom and you would see some list of similar or related keywords.

These are your LSI keywords you can use for your blog post.

Fact No 13.Optimize your Post Images

See that you use oneof your target keyword for your image file name.

When you download images you need to use,name them after your targeted keyword before saving them.At least 2 of the images should contain your target keywords.

For Wordpress blog, you have the opportunity to rename your images in the image panel and even use alternate text for your images.

Fact No 14.Use Social Sharing Buttons

Add social sharing buttons like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,and the likes to your blog post.

For Wordpress, you would have to install social sharing buttons plugin to your blog.

In Blogger,you have the luxury of social sharing buttons already added to every of your blog post.

Do use these buttons to share your blog post.

It helps to drive traffic to your content.It also allow our readers to share it to their friends or fans as well.

So guys,here are the 14 Facts that would help your On Page SEO.

Do not just read and forget.Put them to use and you will begin to considerable traffic and ranking come to your blog.

See you soon!

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Thank you!

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